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General Home Security


Get to know your neighbors

  • In my opinion, getting to know your neighbors is the best security system that money can't buy. Burglars that have been convicted have said time and time again that the number one thing that would prevent them from breaking into a house, was neighbors either watching them or asking if they could help the would-be burglar with something. If burglars have a suspicion that they are being watched, they will cancel their plans very quickly.

Install a security system

  • Research has proven that homes without a security system are up the three times more likely to be broken into than homes with a security system. There are so many advantages to home security systems in this day and age that it is silly to not have one. Aside from sounding an alarm any time a window or door is opened when you alarm is armed and alerting the cops of the possible break-in, home security systems offer many new great perks such as carbon monoxide detection, home surveillance, remote unlocking doors, and many other features.
If you are unable to afford the cost of a home security system, there are much cheaper, effective options. For example, individual door and window alarms that will sound an audible alarm when the window is opened or closed when set. Another great idea is to simply put up home security signs in your yard and stickers in your windows. Though this may have no affect if a burglar wants inside your home, it may make some burglars think twice.

Keep your yard well maintained

  • In a burglars eyes, how well maintained your yard is says much more than weather you are lazy or not. If your yard is not well maintained - keeping your grass cut, weeds pulled, bushes and plants trimmed, etc - a burglar will simply think that the house must be empty during a good portion of the day which will give him more incentive to pick your house. However, if your yard is in tip top shape, a burglar will think that the house is indeed occupied with people home on a constant basis.

Install lots of outdoor lights

  • Lights are a home owners best friend when it comes to home security. A burglars biggest objective, before stealing your belongings, is to not be seen. If you have bright lights all around your house, it's a huge turn off to a burglar because it greatly reduces his cover and the chances of him being seen go through the roof.
Motion activated lights are an awesome defense as well. These are a great addition to point away from your house to put a huge spotlight on any movement outside your house. These are great attention getters and will cause a neighbor to turn their head and look over if they see one of those bright lights turn on out of the corner of their eye.

Always lock doors and windows

  • 30% of all burglars enter a home through an unlocked door or window. Even though locks can be picked or bypassed, it makes breaking into your home more time consuming which is another big turn off for burglars.

Get a dog

  • Another big thing that past burglars said deterred them from breaking into certain homes was having a dog in the house or backyard. Especially one that would non-stop bark when someone gets close. Burglars aren't necessarily afraid of being attacked by the dog, but worried that the barking will draw too much attention to the house.

Securing doors

You wouldn't believe how many burglars are able to simply walk into a home through an unlocked door. Rule number one is to ALWAYS lock your door. Even if you are home and even if you are only going to be out for a few minutes. Lock it up.

Strike plate

  • Your strike plate is what your deadbolt lock is inserted into when you lock it. Therefore, your lock can only be as effective as your strike plate, regardless of how nice or expensive your lock is. These are often not replaced frequently enough and become a home security problem when they are old. Replace your strike plate with a newer stronger strike plate.

Strong lock

  • When it comes to a good, strong lock, you are definitely get what you pay for. Do not cheap out on your main door lock as the most common ones can be easily picked in a matter of seconds, giving a burglar easy entry into your home. Do some research online or visit a home security shop to find a top of the line lock. You should plan on spending around $200 for a good lock.

Protective glass film

  • Doors with lots of glass panes look pretty, but are easy to break into. In noisier areas, burglars will have no problem breaking glass to get in. They even have methods to suppress the sound of glass breaking. You may want to consider a clear security film that goes over your glass which adds immense rigidity to your glass.

Door installed correctly

  • Ensure that your hinges of your doors are all on the inside of your home, and not outside. As simple as this seems, it gets overlooked especially if you have just moved into a new home. If your hinges are on the outside of your home, all a burglar has to do is pop them out and remove your door.
Also ensure that your door fits snugly to it's frame to avoid burglars being able to put a crow bar in between the two to pry your door open.

Securing windows

Just like the a door, windows are a main access point for burglars and they will take full advantage of unlocked windows. ALWAYS lock your windows.

Security film

  • Doors with lots of glass panes look pretty, but are easy to break into. In noisier areas, burglars will have no problem breaking glass to get in. They even have methods to suppress the sound of glass breaking. You may want to consider a clear security film that goes over your glass which adds immense rigidity to your glass.

Security bars

  • Security bars are just what they sound like. They are metal bars that typically go on the inside of your home behind your windows. If you don't care too much about aesthetics, you may want to consider security bars especially if you don't like in the good part of town.

Curtains or shutters

  • Having curtains or shutters installed around your windows is not only pleasing to the eye, it actually adds home security. Often times burglars will pick houses out by window shopping house to house until they see something they like. If they can't see anything through your curtains or shutters, they may just walk right by your house.

Securing garage

Can you guess what the first rule is? ALWAYS keep your garage door locked.

Keep garage door closed

  • Keeping your garage closed is important for the same reason that you should consider curtains or shutters on your windows. When burglars are staking out their next place to rob, seeing that brand new pressure washer inside of your garage because you left it open, might just make them target your house.

Don't leave garage door opener in car

  • One of the oldest tricks in the book for burglars is to break into a car in a drive way, find the garage door opener, open the garage, and steal anything they can inside the garage.

Lock garage access doors

  • This is a lock that often gets forgotten about because it's not a door you use constantly. Consider an automatic lock for your garage access door.

Securing your house for vacation

Burglars finding a home with the residents being on vacation is like striking gold. Be sure to make sure everything is secure when you leave for vacation.

Have neighbors look over house

This is why getting to know your neighbors was rule number one in securing your house. Ask them to do the following things while you are away:

  • Bring in mail and newspaper
  • Pick up any packages
  • Take your trash to the curb on trash day
  • Walk your dog regularly
  • Check in on the house a few times a day

Put lights on timers

  • Another great thing to do is putting your lights on timers for different times throughout the day to give the illusion that the house is occupied

Finding good contractors

If you decide to hire out please refer to Finding Good Contractors.