How to use a drain snake

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Draink snake a bath tub

Level of difficulty: Easy
Estimated time taken: 15 minutes
Tools required:

  • Drain snake
  • Screw driver

Step 1: Remove drain access cover

  • This is right underneath your bath rub faucet and usually can be undone by your hand or a screwdriver
  • This will give access to your drain

Step 2: Insert your drain snake

  • Put the spring end of your drain snake into your pipe as far as you can
  • Use your hand to pull it out and push it down the drain

Step 3: Feed the snake

  • Begin rotating the snake from the handle while continuing to add length as needed

Step 4: Check the snake

  • Pull out the snake and check the end frequently

Step 5: Repeat as necessary

  • Continue feeding the snake, rotating, and checking the end until you have removed what you believe to be the clog

Example Video: