Replace a light fixture

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  • Level of difficulty: Moderate
  • Estimated time taken: 20 minutes
  • Tools required:
  1. Flat head screwdriver
  2. Electrical tester

Step 1: Turn off power from breaker box

Step 2: Remove light fixture

  1. Remove any covers and bulbs from the fixture to gain access to the mounting screws.
  2. Remove the mounting screws. Having a friend near by may be necessary to help hold the fixture.
  3. Remove mounting screws
  4. Slowly lower the fixture and place in the hands of a friend or set on a ladder while the wires are still connected.

Step 4: Test electricity

  1. Test the electricity with your electrical tested to ensure you have turned off the correct breaker.

Step 5: Disconnect wires

  1. Remove the wire nuts or electrical tape holding the white and black wires together
  2. If there is a bare copper grounding wire, disconnect that as well.
  3. Discard old fixture

Step 6: Install the new fixture

  1. Attach the wires in the same way you removed them
  2. Mount the fixture according to the instructions

Step 7: Turn on power from breaker and test your new fixture

Example Video: