Replace drain pipe

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Level of difficulty: Moderate
Estimated time taken: 30 minutes
Tools required:

  • New drain pipe
  • Gloves
  • Bucket to catch water

Step 1: Locate your drain pipe

  • Your drain pipe is the pipe underneath your sink that has a bend, or goose neck, in it.

Step 2: Remove drain pipe

  1. Using your hand, unscrew your drain pipe from both ends
  2. Once both ends are unscrewed, your pipe should come right out
  3. This will be smelly and will have some water in it so have your bucket ready

Step 3: Install new drain pipe

  1. Line up your new drain pipe
  2. Make sure the rubber seals are lined up correctly
  3. Screw in new drain pipe one end at a time

Step 4: Test it out

  1. Turn your water on
  2. Look under the sink and ensure no leaks

Example Video: