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Basic Info

BBB (Better Business Bureau was founded in 1912. It provides ratings and reviews for local businesses. It consists of 112 independently incorporated local BBB organizations in the United States and Canada, coordinated under the Council of Better Business Bureaus (CBBB).  


  • Long history with a good name (many thought that it is a government agency but it is NOT)



  • Dispute resolution service (no guarantee that it will help. Not resolving a dispute doesn't necessarily lower a business's rating)



  • Ratings especially good ones can't be trusted. Some businesses have 0 reviews (even with multiple complaints)but still get A+. 2 examples: Bel Red Energy Solutions and Ecoshield Pest Control. We have proof that they are not good contractors. Btw where are the ratings coming from?
  • Local businesses pay annual dues for what? It is $469-$10,999 per year(link). Not doing that may cause a bad rating. Paying may cause a rating of A+ even for a brand new business. A business can easily say that "if you don't fix my rating, I'll stop paying."
  • It is non-profit org but it can give executives high pay.
  • What do people complain about BBB? Read it here
  • Bad UX and outdated web site. As a consumer I can't even create an account to write a review, bookmark businesses and so on.


Editor's biased comments

  • Do not use BBB. We have never used BBB in the past a few yrs to find service providers for our home.
  • Some people say that BBB is a legal fraud/scam. Read it here to make your own judgement. Btw we don’t think that ConsumerAffairs is better.


  • Microsoft is not BBB accredited and has no rating. Why not BBB accredited? Because Microsoft does not pay membership fee. Why no rating? Microsoft does have a lot of complaints and reviews.
  • Google is not BBB accredited and has a rating of C-. Do you not use Google because of the rating?
  • Apple is not BBB accredited and has a rating of C+. Do you not use Apple because of the rating?