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Replacing Roof


Level of difficulty: Moderate
Estimated time taken: 2 days - 1 week Tools required:

  • Hammer
  • Chisel
  • Broom
  • Ladder
  • Crow bar
  • Shingle remover

Step 1: Order materials Step 2:Remove all shingles

  1. Start at the top of you roof and work down
  2. Usually the shingles can just be ripped off
  3. Sometimes you may need to pull out the nails if they will not rip off

Step 3:Remove all nails

  1. Use your preferred method to remove all of the nails. Some people use the back end of a hammer, some people use a shingle remover, some people use a shovel.

Step 4:Remove all felt

  1. This can be easily ripped off

Step 5:Remove all flashing

  1. Rip all flashing off using a hammer, a shingle remover, or your bare hands

Step 6:Remove all plywood

  1. Using a hammer and chisel, pry up the old plywood
  2. Careful to not fall in the hole!

Step 7: Install new plywood

  1. Cut plywood to size and install the same way the previous plywood was installed

Step 8: Install new flashing Step 9: Install new felt Step 10: Install new shingles

  1. Start from the bottom and work your way to the top ensuring shingles are snug and properly secured

Example video

Roof Maintenance

Level of difficulty: Moderate
Estimated time taken: 2 hours Tools required:

  • Ladder

Step 1: Inspect roof every fall and winter

  1. Check for damaged, missing, or curling shingles
  2. Check the gutters for shingle granules
  3. If you see green, it's moss or algae

Step 2: Remove all debris

  1. Excess debris on your roof can promote moss growth

Step 3: Keep gutters clean

  1. Having dirty gutters and clog them and cause water to build up and rot your roof

Step 4: Take note of near by branches and trees

  1. Ensure branches or trees pose no immediate danger to your roof
  2. Make sure branches are not growing into your roof

Step 5: Inspect inside of house for water marks and mold

Example video:

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