Sink not holding water

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Method 1: Bad drain plug o-ring

Level of difficulty: Easy
Estimated time taken: 30 minutes
Tools required:

  • New drain stopper

Step 1: Locate your drain linkage assembly

  • This is attached to a long thin piece of metal that connects to your drain lever. It is pictured in the video below.

Step 2: Remove the rod and ball

  1. Unscrew counter clock wise
  2. Pull rod out

Step 3: Remove drain stopper

  • Your drain stopper should now be free and you can easily lift it out of the sink

Step 4: Replace drain stopper

  1. Put your new drain stopper in
  2. Attach to drain linkage same way you removed old stopper
  3. Do not forget the rod and ball

Step 5: Test it out

  • Close your drain and fill your sink with water

Example Video: