Structural Engineers

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What structural engineers do

Structural engineers analyze a building’s ability to withstand forces and stresses. They’re called during the design and construction of homes and buildings, and they’re consulted when existing buildings face structural issues.

More specifically:

  • Review home plans to make sure it is safe for occupants and can withstand mother nature.
  • Analyze the safety and strength of new homes in various stages of the construction process by inspecting the foundation, walls, and the infrastructure
  • Approve home plans or new homes as structurally safe.
  • Analyze the structural safety of building additions or remodeling projects, mostly those that involve removing walls.
  • Assess the extent of structural damage from things like shifting foundations, termite infestation, mold, fire damage or water damage.
  • Assess the structural integrity of a home during a real estate transaction.

When do you need an structural engineer

You may want a structural engineer for many reasons. If you are planning a large structural project, it is often beneficial to have an engineer take a look at everything beforehand.

A few examples of when you may need a structural engineer:

  • Addition to your home
  • Knocking down walls
  • Cracking walls
  • Door frames that no longer work correctly
  • Cracks around windows
  • Large construction project
  • Buying or selling a home


  • $100-$150 an hour
  • 2015 average for home projects is $525