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When to do it

Removing spots and stains

  • The quicker the better
Most carpets have been treated with an anti-stain substance that allows most stains to be completely removed if immediate action is taken.
  • Blot don't scrub
Scrubbing will cause what is called 'pile distortion' which is simply the loss or texture of the surface of the carpet
  • Use new cleaners in a discreet location
You never know when a new cleaning product just may damage or discolor your carpet. Be sure to use a few drops in a location that is either covered or unseen. Better yet, use it on a sample piece of your carpet.
  • Use less cleaner than you think
Most people end up using way too much cleaner. Use just a little bit of cleaner to avoid left over residue.
  • Work from the outside in
When removing a stain, always work from the outside of the stain in when it comes to blotting. If you work from the inside out, it becomes very easy to begin spreading the stain.
  • Use a vacuum
Add water and blot, using a little amount of cleaner if necessary. Then, using your vacuums highest suction setting, vacuum the affected area, adding more water to the stain as you go until it's gone.

Keep your carpet looking like new

  • Vaccum regularly
This prevents soil from embedding itself in the pile
  • Consider professional cleaning every year or two
They are called professionals for a reason
  • Use scissors or a knife to clip snags
  • Remove furniture dents
Stroke the dent side to side with a quarter
  • Remove burn or gum marks
Use nail clippers to clip any kind of small eye sore resting on the top of your carpet fibers right off


Hire a professional to clean


  • Better cleaning equipment
  • No/less work on homeowners side


  • More Expensive
  • probably won't completely move all the furniture. they 'd just clean around furniture
  • Could bring the older pet stains so it may look great but didn't smell great

Rent a machine

You can rent machines like Rug Doctor or Bissell machines

  • Complete Cleaning
  • Less expensive


  • Much more work on homeowners side



Tips about Pet Stains

Cost Guide

Finding good contractors

If you decide to hire a contractor /service provider to help you please refer to Finding Good Contractors.